Services and Commitment

In order to creat a famous brand, to enhace our enterprise popularity and to set up company image, obeying by the principle of high product quanlity and customer satisfaction, we seriously promise you the most favorable price, the most considerate service, and the most reliable product quanlity as follow:

1. Product quality commitment

Quality records and testing data on product manufacture and testing are available. We will pack and deliver the goods after it is confirmed qualified.

02. Product price commitment

Under equal competitive conditions, we sincerely offer you the most favorable price, not at the cost ofreducing technical performance of the product or replacing product components.

03. Delivery time commitment

we will follow customer requirement as far as possible; if you have special requirement and want us to finish producing it ahead of time, we can arrange extra time for production and installation in particular. We will try our best to satisfy customer needs.

04. After sales commitment

if the equipment breaks down, whether under warranty period or not, our maintenance man will come to maintain it within 24 hours since we receive your notice.

We offer 12 months of warranty for our products. Within warranty period, the supplier will maintain or replace accessories damaged because of quality problems for free.

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