D Type Pump

DG Middle low pressure, sub-high-pressure multistage boiler water supply pump

    Flow: 3.75~185m3/h


    Lift: 50~684m(middle and low pressure); 409-1056m(high pressure)


    Caliber: 40~150mm


    Power: 3~450kw


    Temperate: -20°C~150°C

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DG series single suction multistage sectional centrifugal boiler pump can be used to pump clear water or other liquids whose physical and chemical properties are similar to water. It can supply water for middle low pressure boiler or sub-high pressure boiler. It can also be used for high pressure water supply or drainage in factories or urban area. The temperature of the liquid it pumps shall be -20℃~150℃. The pressure at inlet shall be less than 0.6MPa.
This series of pumps use the energy efficient hydraulic mode suggested by Chinese government. The advantages are high efficiency, wide performance, safety and steady operation, low noise, long life and convent for installation and maintenance, etc. It can replace GC model boiler pump. Its efficiency is 8% higher than DC pump on average.
Our company has achieved ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification System. The design, production and service of our products are strictly regulated. The product quality is fully guaranteed.

DG multistage boiler water supply pump Application range

DG model boiler pump is suitable for supplying water to small boiler and urban water supply.

DG multistage boiler water supply pump features

About DG model Pumps, inlet and exit are both vertically upward. The inlet section, middle section, discharge section and bearing body of pump are connected into one by tightening bolt. Customer can decide the pump stage according to pump head.

The rotor part of this series of pumps is mainly made up of the axle, the impeller on axle, axle sleeve, balance panel and other components. The quantity of impellers are decided by pump stages. The parts on axle are fixed with the nut by flat key. The rotor is supported by rolling bearing or sliding bearing at two ends. Different model has different bearing. All bearings do not accept thrust force. The thrust force is balanced by the balance panel. When the pump is at work, the rotor is allowed to move in axial direction inside the pump shell. Annular ball bearing is not accepted. The rolling bearings shall be lubricated by grease. The sliding bearings shall be lubricated by dilute oil and oil ring, and cooled with circular water. The sealing surface of water inlet section, middle section and water outlet section of the pump are all sealed with molybdenum disulphide grease. Sealing ring and diffusor sleeve are installed between the rotor and the fixed part for the sake of sealing. When the sealing ring and the diffusor sleeve are worn out enough to influence the function of the pump, please replace them with new ones.

There are two ways to seal the shaft or axle, mechanically seal and packing seal. DG models of pumps use packing seal. The packing ring must be put in the right position. The packing material shall be neither too tight or too loose, allowing the liquid to ooze drop by drop. All sealing elements of the pump are in the seal cage. Put some water into the cage for the sake of water sealing, cooling and lubricating. The shaft sleeve on the shaft seal can protect the shaft. This sleeve is replaceable.

Sub-high-pressure pump commonly use sliding bearings, lubricated with dilute oil. DG85-67 model and DG155-67 model can either use sliding bearing, lubricated with dilute oil or use rolling bearing, lubricated by grease. All other models use rolling bearing, lubricated by grease. The main parts of middle and low pressure pumps use high grade cast iron. The main parts of sub-high pressure pump use stainless steel or cast steel.

This series of pumps are driven by prime motor directly via elastic coupling. The pump rotate clockwise from the view of prime motor.

pump process

Packaging of Products;

Henan Bulletproof Pump Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)Bulletproof Pump Standard 


pump pack1

pump pack2

pump pack2

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