No Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

WFY(G) Non-negative pressure boost pump stable water supply equipment

    Flow: 2-72m³/h


    Lift: 36-70m


    Caliber: 50-200mm


    Power: 0.55-22Kw





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WFY series boost pump stable water supply equipment is developed by our engineers based on variable frequency life water supply equipment. It is a complete set of water supply equipment that can be connected to pipeline networks of tap water directly, causing no side effect to the pipeline networks. Generally, it can replace the reservoir, taking full advantage of the pressure in pipeline networks to supply water directly or relay supply, avoiding secondary pollution or energy waste. It saves investment in infrastructure significantly and shortens the construction period. WFY system includes frequency conversion controller, flow control tank, pumping unit, meter, valve, foundation support and connecting pipeline, etc. It meets up the need to get water from pipeline networks with increased pressure at constant flow rate.

Work principle

When WFY comes into service, the tap water from pipeline networks moves into the flow control tank. When the tank is full with water, the pump starts to work. At the beginning of the work of pump, the water flowing into the tank may not match the water flowing out. At this time, the vacuum breaker above the flow control tank will let air in to avoid negative pressure, so that the pipeline can supply tap water normally, not influenced by the WFY system. When the pump works, the pressure sensor will inform the frequency conversion controller of the pressure inside the WFY system. The pump can adjust its revolving speed automatically according to water consumption so as to supply water at constant pressure. If one pump is not enough, two pumps can works simultaneously at variable frequency. If the water level in flow control tank keeps falling because of water failure, the water level detector will send the signal to frequency conversion controller so that the pump will stop working, the pump unit protected.

Working parameters

1. Environment temperature: 5-40℃
2. Relative air humidity: ≤85% (under 20±5℃)
3. Medium temperature: 4-70℃
4. Supply voltage: 380V(+5%, -10%)

Application fields

1. Domestic water supply for newly built residence community or business building.
2. Increase the pressure of tap water at lower floors to meet the needs for firefighting.
3. Take full advantage of the original pressure tank when remaking the pneumatic facilities.
4. If the water pool has been built, you can save energy by sharing the non-negative pressure equipment with the pool to supply water.
5. Big booster pump station for water plant.
6. Production water supply or domestic water supply for factories, mines and enterprises.
7. All kinds of water circulation system.

Product features

1. No need to build any water pool. The water tank is connected with tap water pipes directly. The pressure of tap water is further increased by pump, taking full advantage of the natural pressure of tap water.
2. Supply high quality water. Pure tap water is supplied to the final user directly after being pressurized by the equipment. No preservatives in negative tank. The whole system is sealed. The water is not polluted at all, avoiding secondary pollution. The high quality water for final user meets the standard for health.
3. Saving 50%~90% energy.
4. It saves much water, preventing water leakage or dropping.
5. No need to build a pump room or water pool, saving at least 60% investment.
6. Supplying high quality water at constant pressure, avoiding secondary pollution.
7. The service life of the equipment is increased over 5 times.
8. Keep supplying water even when power is off(at original type water pressure).
9. Full automatic

Installation requirement

1. When the pressure of tap water (Pz) is lower than the pressure the user needs(Py), the programmable logic controller will convert frequency automatically and the soft start program will work until the actual pressure Pz in the pipes becomes equal to Py. And then the programmable logic controller will make the frequency conversion pump operate at certain constant speed. The higher the pressure of tap water(Pz), the lower the revolving speed of the frequency conversion pump; vice versa. When Pz=Py, the frequency conversion pump will stop working. In this way, we can not only take full advantage of the original pressure of tap water, but also ensure the constant pressure needed by the final user.
2. The water inlet of frequency conversion pump is connected with the non-negative pressure tank. The programmable logic controller keeps detecting the pressure inside the non-negative pressure tank. It avoids negative pressure by keeping the pressure in the tank match the pressure of the tap water via vent valve, so that the tap water pipes can supply water normally.
3. In case of water failure, the system stops automatically. When the water comes back, the system returns to work by itself. In case of power failure, the system will supply water at normal tap water pressure.

pump process

Packaging of Products;

Henan Bulletproof Pump Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests.

Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1)Bulletproof Pump Standard 


pump pack1

pump pack2

pump pack2

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